My Take on Bryan Tyler Cohen

Bryan Tyler Cohen is a loud and powerful voice on the left. He is often inclined to exaggerate certain positions as is the norm in our fractured world.
Bryan Tyler Cohen
Bryan Tyler Cohen

Why this Take?

I'm starting to feel disconnected from today's youth and modern culture. The rise of social media has created echo chambers where people only interact with those who share their views. This polarization makes it difficult to have open-minded discussions. I fondly remember my childhood in the 90s and early 2000s as a more unified time. But was it really? Or is that just nostalgia and naivety?

I recently discovered the YouTube channel of Bryan Tyler Cohen. He's a millennial political commentator who provides insightful left-leaning analysis of current events. However, he maintains a respectful tone and acknowledges valid counterpoints. I appreciate his nuanced takes and how he bridges generational divides.

In this post, I'll share my impressions of Cohen's channel and evaluate its strengths and weaknesses. As someone outside his demographic target, I still believe his viewpoint provides an interesting contrast. I believe we need more voices like Cohen's to cut through the noise and bring more empathy into public discourse. Even if we don't agree on everything, we can still have thoughtful discussions and understand each other better.

Who is he?

Who is Bryan Tyler Cohen and why have I suddenly become so interested in listening to him?

Here is his Wikipedia link

He presents political information in a straight-forward and direct manner that I can truly appreciate. I've struggled to watch a lot of commentators simply because they spend a lot of time talking without giving much information.

That isn't BTC.

He is straightforward and to the point, and he honestly reminds me a bit in his YouTube videos of how old-school newspapers were written. The pyramid where the most important information is given first, then a bit more context in the middle, and finally the nitty-gritty details at the bottom so that people can get in, get the facts, and check out if they don't want to dive deep.

Usually, his ten-minute videos include a two-minute segment about the topic with a clip followed by a deeper analysis from one of his friends or a short segment from one of his upcoming or recent interviews.

While I don't agree with all of Cohen's left-leaning takes, I appreciate his nuanced analysis of current events and sociopolitical issues.

The only thing I don't like is that there is no true nuance to it. Any event that takes place is going to be delivered from his left-of-center stance and he is less interested in actually presenting the facts than pressing the agenda.

The reason and place this works best is when he is discussing Donald Trump. The scourge of our planet, I have always been shocked that people can even take Trump seriously. There doesn't need to be nuance from BTC where Trump is concerned because there aren't multiple ways to analyze him. He is what he is.

Where it works less-so is when discussing other agenda ideas or cultural things that aren't directly related to Trump. He definitely has the vibe of "You are with us or against us" and if you want to weave in-and-out of his politics then there is no place for you.

He is also being regularly hosted on MSNBC now, which is well-deserved, though I mostly find his content through YouTube. He is in a similar vein to channels like MeidasTouch but I find him much easier to stomach because his content is more on point and he does a much better job presenting the information. I've watched entire twenty-minute-long videos on MT where there was no actual information presented and it just felt like a pointless ramble.

The Need for More Nuanced Voices

While I don't agree with all of Bryan Tyler Cohen's opinions, I believe we need more voices like his in today's polarized climate. It's easy to retreat into echo chambers where we only hear perspectives that align with our own. Cohen provides an important counterbalance from the left.

Even though some dismiss him as just another liberal pundit, I find value in his commentaries. Are all his takes airtight? No. Does he sometimes overhype stories to suit his narrative? Sure. But he also brings nuance to issues that get reduced to simplistic binaries.

Take the topic of "cancel culture" for instance. Some on the right decry it as the downfall of free speech. Some on the left deny it exists at all. Cohen acknowledges that elements on both sides can take things too far. However, he thoughtfully analyzes specific cases to distinguish consequences from censorship.

I don't have to agree with his conclusions to appreciate the nuance he brings. Cohen's commentaries push back against reactionary takes in a substantive way. He compels both sides to sharpen their reasoning and see opposing perspectives.

Of course, Cohen's style isn't for everyone. His rapid-fire delivery and unapologetic progressivism turn some people off. But I believe voices like his play an important role. They provide a counterweight to right-wing demagogues who thrive on distortion and divisiveness.

America needs more nuanced discussions, not less. Commentators like Bryan Tyler Cohen, despite their flaws, can help facilitate that. I may not see eye-to-eye with him on every issue. But listening to perspectives from across the divide makes me reflect more deeply on my own positions. And that kind of open discourse is vital for the health of our democracy.

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Is there Controversy?

This gets into the reasoning for why I made this blog to begin with. Sure, there is some controversy swirling around BTC, but it is not very valuable controversy delivered by people with an opposing agenda.

A lot of conservative outlets can't stand him. A lot of people accuse him of being vapid and pointless and accusing the people of watching him of being disinterested in thinking for themselves of having common discourse and instead want their opinions spoon-fed to them.

1) Reddit

2) Politifact

3) Fox

The irony of these opinions is that the people giving them are usually in the same boat of being spoon-fed their opinions about him. Most of the people who want to complain or object to his opinions don't watch or consume his content, they just need a straw man to burn down.

The issue is that controversy usually stems from something real, and BTC has a tendency to overinflate things or attempt to make mountains out of mole hills when it comes to some political news. I agree with many of the points he makes across his content, but certainly not all of them.

And that's okay. That's entirely the point. He represents a constant viewpoint without a lot of deviation, and that point deserves to have a place in the conversation. It does not, however, deserve to be the entire conversation.

Do I recommend him?


His content is engaging and entertaining, and he doesn't go out of his way to try and turn the most minor things into videos the way some YouTube creators do. Instead, the focus is on political truths presented from a left-leaning perspective.

I wouldn't recommend him as your only source of content about politics, but I would certainly recommend him for a liberal leaning viewpoint. If you are only looking at liberal or conservative content, though, you should definitely try and expand that repertoire.

That is, after all, the entire point of this blog.

Here's a good place to get started, and I definitely don't think it'll be where you stop.

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