My Take on Amala Ekpunobi

The problem was, I was getting sick of most mainstream movie review things. A movie would come out that was garbage, we all knew it was garbage...
My Take on Amala Ekpunobi
Amala is a brave warrior in the fight against pointless content

Why This Take?

What do I enjoy about Amala's content?

First...a rant...

I watch a lot of YouTube.

I mean, who doesn't?

My feed is dominated by gaming videos, stuff about making video games, news programs from mostly liberal voices, and reviews about movies.

The problem was, I was getting sick of most mainstream movie review things. A movie would come out that was garbage, we all knew it was garbage, but the review networks would say "oh, it is getting review bombed by angry men" or "It just never found its audience because people boycotted out when the lead was made diverse."

Let's be clear: diversity is a great thing, and I love when movies and television shows are made for or by a diverse cast in front of and behind the camera. But, I don't think that diversity should come at the price of making something good, or writing a good script, or employing good and diverse actors.

A good example: Calvin Ellis.

I love the idea of having a black superman movie, and the stories around his character can and will be incredible.

However, the idea of making a Clark Kent movie and just casting a black person to play him is much less appealing. Miles Morales proves that people will watch diverse super hero content when it is done right. Imagine if they had just gone the route of making Peter Parker black?

It would have been a disservice to everyone, especially Miles Morales.

Anyway, the fact that I was sick of being gaslit by all of the liberal commentators about this one topic (movies) and hearing that Disney was a genius monolith ahead of its time for focusing on AI driven diversity instead of good content and I was just an idiot for not buying their coolaid, I started searching around.

Pretty quickly, and almost on accident, I stumbled across Amala's content.

Right away, I was hooked.

She is a refreshing voice compared to what I was used to hearing, providing thoughtful analysis on important cultural topics. Formerly left-leaning, Ekpunobi now champions traditional values and logical reasoning. Her channel discusses issues like cancel culture, gender ideology, and free speech from a commonsense perspective.

Nowadays everything is Tribal. We all want to mesh into little cliques, so its nice to find someone that stands our for other reasons. She didn't grow up a certain way and then just spout that. She actually puts thought and reason into her opinions.

She stands out as a beacon for good. She thoroughly researches each topic and presents her views in a clear, respectful manner. While uncompromising in her principles, Ekpunobi considers opposing views charitably. Her goal is promoting open and honest dialogue.

I like this about her because she doesn't just try to blindly push an agenda. That isn't to say she doesn't have an agenda, but she is much closer to the middle and propping up ideas that aren't on either fringe.

Ekpunobi’s background as a former liberal gives her content a unique crossover appeal. She understands progressive arguments and dismantles them logically rather than through dismissive mockery.

This good faith approach makes her videos refreshing viewing for audiences of all political stripes. I'm sure hardcore liberals will have much less to like about her, but if you are only fed a diet of pure echo-chamber content you are doing yourself a disservice. If you want to broaden your mind, then Amala's channel could be a good place to start.

She is all about common sense. Her channel tackles hot button topics like cancel culture, gender ideology, and free speech. While uncompromising in her principles, she considers opposing views charitably in pursuit of open and honest dialogue.

Amala Ekpunobi provides thoughtful conservative commentary on YouTube from a place of integrity. Her intelligent and incisive cultural critiques appeal to both values-focused traditionalists and disaffected centrists. Ekpunobi is a rising star who can help bridge political divides through respectful discourse.

Here is a link to her YouTube channel.

Let's go a little deeper

Who is She?

To start with, she's only twenty-three years old at the time of writing this.

Which definitely makes me feel old.

She was raised in a far-left household and fed a lot of ideas that she eventually rejected. She is part of a movement of young conservatives who are rejecting modern liberal movements about acceptance, many of which have undertones of rejection built into them.

While many political commentators today rely on outrage and hyperbole, Amala Ekpunobi takes a more thoughtful approach in her videos. She thoroughly researches each topic, considering multiple perspectives and acknowledging valid counterpoints. Even when discussing divisive issues like gender ideology or cancel culture, Ekpunobi maintains a respectful tone.

She doesn't attack or dismiss those she disagrees with. Instead, her goal is promoting open and honest dialogue on these complex topics. Ekpunobi breaks down philosophical and political arguments in a clear, accessible way. She uses compelling examples and appeals to our shared values, not our tribal identities.

It's this good faith effort to understand opposing views that makes Ekpunobi's content so refreshing. She is invited onto Dr. Phil and other programs regularly to present her viewpoints, and she does it with grace and intelligence.

Her background as a former liberal gives her an empathy that bridges political divides. Ekpunobi understands progressive reasoning and dismantles it logically, not through strawman arguments or mockery.

In an increasingly polarized climate, we need more voices like Amala Ekpunobi's. She models civil discourse and appeals to our better angels the same way Bryan Tyler Cohen does for a more liberal audience.

Her thoughtful approach can help counter reactionary echo chambers and bring more nuance to charged cultural issues. Even if you ultimately disagree with Ekpunobi's conclusions, she will challenge you to sharpen your own reasoning and consider different perspectives. That's the kind of discourse that moves us forward as a society.

Want to dig in more about her past? Check out this link. Or, give this one a try where she is a brand ambassador.

Is There Controversy?

There is always controversy. I wish I knew why, but in general Amala exists in the bubble of YouTube creators who are incredibly reactionary, even to each other, and across various platforms there are a lot of liberal leaning people creating content attacking Amala.

My feelings on TikTok in general aren't super positive, and in general this feels kind of silly. Social media has changed our cultural landscape in many ways that we will reckon with for years to come. Our current agenda of moderation definitely leaves a lot to be desired, and in general it comes down to "who can scream the loudest."

Amala might have different ideas than you, but if you feel they are controversial then you are missing the entire point.

Do I recommend her content?

Absolutely, 100% yes, I recommend her videos. She is an incredibly smart and hard-working creator who gives very detailed and nuanced descriptions about topics in the world.

I watch her videos and listen to a lot of them in the background podcast-style, and she makes a lot of really good points. As mentioned, I don't agree with everything she says, but she does an excellent job of making her case.

Here's a good place to start, but definitely not somewhere you will end once you start watching her videos.

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