My Take on Neebs Gaming

The community isn't huge, but it is fiercely loyal to the crew who puts out regular videos.
My Take on Neebs Gaming
Neebs Gaming has built a powerful community over the years.

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Why This Take?

The Greatest Community on Earth...?

I am a huge fan of Neebs gaming. let’s start by getting that out of the way so if you were expecting me to trash them then it isn’t going to happen.

Who are they?

They are the greatest community on earth, right?

Don't just take my word for it. They say the same thing. It started as a lark way back in the day but honestly it has become their reality.

The community isn't huge in the grand scheme of things compared to the swifties beehive or even many other YouTube creators, but it is fiercely loyal to the crew who puts out regular videos. They learned the lesson well of going deep instead of wide with their appeal.

They put out multiple videos a week on their main channel plus some unedited content on their dimpster channel. All of their stuff is video game based, and they even released their own video game recently.

I've been a fan of the channel for years, and I even support them on Patreon With my hard earned money. There aren't a lot of entertainers that I would do that for, but they are consistent and funny, and I consider it a worthwhile investment.

This post is less of a review of their content and more just to talk about why I enjoy watching all of their videos.

Want to search through their videos? I made this super nifty tool that lets you look up all of their transcripts.

Neeb’s Gaming YouTube Transcript Tool
A simple tool for looking up YouTube Transcripts for Neebs Gaming videos.

Who are they?

The Crew...

The main crew is comprised of several members with a little bit of fluctuation over time.

First up is...


Neebs from 7d2d

Voiced by: Brent Triplett

Brent Triplett | Actor, Director, Animation Department
Known for: Return of the Rednecks, Super Sam, Wrong Number!

Neebs is the namesake of the channel and de-facto leader behind the scenes. Pretty much any major decision around the direction of channel is going to come from him.

He is a voice actor and gamer, and honestly a better actor than gamer. He is passable in most games but can often become a burden for the crew on the same level as Simon.

He is the driving force behind keeping the content moving and making sure the audience is entertained. This is a good thing because he does a great job picking main series content that will resonate well.

He started out as a busboy at an Italian restaurant (but, honestly, who didn't work at a restaurant at some point when starting out) and somehow managed to capitalize on his hobby to make a full career.

A little-known fact is that he worked as a production assistant on a film called Virus. He also played in a pilot television show (which wasn't made, and likely for good reason).

All's well that ends well, though, because if the subpar pilot had been made we might have never gotten the successful channel.

In my opinion some of the best stuff Neebs gaming has ever put out is when it is primarily him and Appsro with Neebs on the mic as a grandfather or support person.

This series is hard to beat and has a ton of videos.



  • Name: Jon Etheridge
  • Born: September 1, 1982
  • Located: South Carolina

He has also tried to make the gamer tag JohnnyEthco a thing, but in videos and more commonly as part of Neebs Gaming he is known as Appsro.

He has his own separate channel that he doesn't seem to maintain:

And, I kid you not but you can actually buy his Tooth Weasel.

Shop |
Meet the Tooth Weasel, your new Family Tradition!

He is the most competent gamer of the group. That isn't really saying much, just an observation, but in general that is kind of like being the tallest guy in a room full of children.

He is typically a bit flighty in how he plays games but he is the driving force for keeping the story of the game itself moving forward. He is the one that sets out goals for the crew to overcome to keep it moving forward.



Simon is the curmudgeonly old man of the crew.

He is the least competent gamer, which is more or less what makes the entire channel funny. He ends up becoming to butt of jokes quite often as well, for example if they accidentally kill him and leave him stranded somewhere for our amusement.

A lot of people want to know if it is an act or legit, and from watching them all this time I would say a little bit of both.

Home | Green Flower Wellness
CBD & Delta 8 products dispensary near me Carolina Beach

He is also co-owner of a CBD shop (you can order from them online).

Go figure.


A fan favorite voice actor in the crew, and a sort of foil to the other members.


Don't forget the 44

Thick44 was the human male warrior of the channel, and you cannot discuss Neebs Gaming without giving a huge shoutout to his strength and versatility in the face of adversity.

There isn't enough that can be said in tribute to this great man.

Thick44 tribute to the tribute
by u/Bluenurse26 in NeebsGaming


Newcomer to the crew

Anthony is a video editor primarily but he's been showing up in more series starting in 2024 and he has been featured on the magic dumpster quite a bit.


The main editor and a primary point of contact for the crew.

What got me started?

I started out by stumbling onto an episode of battlefield friends, and from there I watched pretty much everything I could.

This was peak Neeb's Gaming, but it definitely feels like a completely different channel from what they create now. They haven't dipped much into real animation like this since.

I haven't managed to make it to any live shows, but they also do at least one live show per year, and they sell out really fast.

Maybe in the future I will be able to make it to one, but until then at least I have their videos to keep up with.


Right off the bat the easiest complaint a lot of people have about the channel is its general lack of diversity. It’s a crew of mostly white men which is a problem in the twenty first century by virtue of it just existing.

Thats why it is on YouTube and not on a real channel of television or netflix or published through Disney. If they had anything main stream it would have been replaced by girl bosses years ago.


Another complaint that has cropped up is that Doraleous often plays as black characters in games and people often try and correlate that to him engaging in black face.

This is a real stretch and doesn’t survive even basic scrutiny.

Follow up:

Join the Neebs Gaming Official Server Discord Server!
Check out the Neebs Gaming Official Server community on Discord - hang out with 16027 other members and enjoy free voice and text chat.
Neebs Gaming
Neebs Gaming
Cinematic Gameplay by the Neebs Gaming crew edited to perfection for all your gaming entertainment needs. We have tons of survival games and other games that challenge our abilities and friendship. Join the greatest and most friendly gaming community in the world. xo, The Neebs Gaming Team
Neebs Magic Dumpster
Welcome to Neebs Magic Dumpster - home of all the offcuts, random originals, streams, shorts and so much more! Our main channel is Neebs Gaming - that’s where we put the good stuff.

Want a great place to get started? They are wrapping up a series in Seven Days to Die right now where they are competing to see who can survive the longest.

You really should check them out. They are entertainers as well as video gamers (and honestly, not that great at games, which is half the fun.)

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